Building a dream home? Renovating your dream home?

Let us take the pressure off
getting your materials and equipment

Let us do we we love to do best save money, source materials and equipment, fast and to specification.

Building or upgrading your home, there are many factors to consider when designing and building your home, amongst a few are; location, size of your new home or project, timescale and one of the more crucial factors is quality and cost.
  • Preparation, whilst at the design phase you will probably been looking at the building materials for some time, your specification will become clearer the more you search. Send on your list to us along with your exact specification and we will use our supplier database to get you the right prices.
  • Planning and Ordering, we will advise long lead time items such as prefabricated items i.e. roof trusses, block flooring etc.  Speak to your builder and advise us when you are likely to need it on site, we will organise with the supplier a time and date that suits the builder.  We will orchestrate the logistics etc to fully optimise and ensure the ultimate cost saving for your project.
  • Receiving Deliveries on site, prior to any deliveries of products, let us know details about access to your site. If a delivery has been agreed a few weeks in advance we will ring you a week prior to the delivery to confirm. Finally check the delivery, specification, sizes, quantities and/or any damages.
  • Let us take the heartache out of sourcing you the materials and products you want, we will negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best possible price for you, without compromise to quality.

How does it work?

Let us know what you need and we'll do the rest.
If you have gone through the planning stage
you may have a bill of materials from your designated
Engineer, forward them on and we'llget you the best quotes.

1. Send us your enquiry...

Including Bill of Materials (if possible)...
When you send us your enquiry, we will acknowledge your enquiry within a short while, should we need any further information about the products you are looking for then we will either email or touch base with a friendly phone call (depending on what your preference is)

2. The journey begins...

Getting the facts and figures...
We will send out your enquiry to a number of our suppliers on our large extensive database, give them a call on your behalf and negotiate the best possible prices (without compromise on quality)

3. Quotation Round Up...

Gathering the information...
After a short while our suppliers will return with prices and specification for the products offered. We will then round up 3 of the best quotations received.

4. Choice is a powerful tool...

Choosing the product...
We will then send on all the quotations received along with product technical data for you to choose. (your designated engineer may help at this point). If we find an alternative but 'better specification' product, we may throw this into the mix to let you know that there are more options available.

5. The selection...

Your choice...
Once your happy with everything, we will then chat about proceeding with the purchase.

Absolutely no obligation...

Not happy?...
At no point during the sourcing process are you under any obligation. Our promise is to provide you with the best sourcing service and knowledgeable options as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use BuildEir?

With our large database of manufacturers and suppliers we are confident we can get you what you need, both locally, nationwide and globally

We promise that we will go the extra mile to get you the best possible prices without compromise to quality

Were are you based?

We have three offices;

Galway City, Republic of Ireland

Ankara, Turkey

Darlington, United Kingdom

What warranties/guarantees do I have?

Each product comes with its own warranty and guarantees terms, we will include this in your quotations.

How does BuildEir make money?

Our fee is built in with the price that we send onto you, what you see is what you pay.

I can get it cheaper else where?

Let us take a look at your quotation and we will see if we can match it or beat it

At BuildEir, we value every client as an individual, our goal is to look after you

Hi! My name is Alp Uslu, I am the Sales and Purchasing Manager, who will be helping you get the right product on time, within specification (or better!) and within budget .

Hi! My name is Andrew, I am the Sales and Sourcing Specialist here at BuildEir Ltd in Ireland, my aim is to bring you quality products at the best possible price.