Got a Commercial Project?

As a sourcing agent, we reach out to a variety of suppliers and manufacturers, source the products or services you require, agree a delivery date and time which is suitable for the project and hey presto....its a simple as that!

Distribution, needing bulk supply of general fittings, fasteners etc? ...not a problem, with our large network of suppliers we aim to get the products there next day delivery or a delivery date that suits your project.

Customisation of products, as we have a large network of suppliers and manufacturers we have the ability to customise and tailor any product to your individual requirements

Still wondering if we can help? Send us your requirements and let us work our magic, best case scenario we aim to get your no obligation quotes back to you within 24 hours however due to the location of some of our manufacturers and suppliers this may be a little bit longer, we will let you know in advance.

Some of the products we source...


Air Conditioning Units
We source a wide range of both roof top and close control units, depending on your specific requirements


Air Handling Units / Hygienic Handling Units
Flexible, Modular and Energy Efficient Air Handling Units Unlimited Modular, Flexible and Energy Efficient Air Handling Units 23 Different Cross-sections Up to 100.000 m3/h Airflow TUV tested and EUROVENT certified according to EN 1886 Full compliance with Eco-Design 2018

Aviation Obstruction Lights - Low Intensity(LED)

low intensity single and double aviation obstruction light is designed based on LED technology, for marking structures outline for warning aircraft during night-time

Building Materials

From ground to roof
From bricks and mortar to timber, building your project from the ground up.


Boilers from dry air through to your more conventional boilers.


Including spare parts
A full range of chillers including air and water cooled chillers. We have access to a wide range of chiller spares including LG, York and Carrier.

Control Technology

For your home
Various controls from thermostatic controllers through to remote application controls to control your home appliances from your tablet or phone.


Supply and Extract Types
With our large range of diffuser options to suit your project.

Ducting Material

Various ducting including aluminium and insulated ducting

Ducting Dampers

A large selection of dampers including fire dampers. Depending on the environment we can also cater for explosion-proof construction (ATEX) as an option. The Optional stainless steel casing or powder-coated casing for increased corrosion protection, which can also be Integration into the central BMS system.


Fan Coil Units
Home Comfort Everywhere High Performance, Quiet, Wide and Versatile Range with Unlimited Options.

Heater Batteries

Circular and rectangular electric Duct heaters control the output air stream temperature to within + or – 1ºc depending on your specification and requirements

Heat Exchangers

Tried and tested heat echangers, gasket, embossed or brazed type.


Heat Recovery Units
High Efficiency and Compactness Monoblock, Slim and Flexible Structure 7 Different Frames 4.000 m³/h Airflow Air Renewal Terminal Units with Heat Recovery.

Hot Water Cylinders

A full range of hot water storage cylinders and tanks, each designed to yur specific specification.

Insulation Products

Our large selection of insulation products from piping insulation through to cavity wall insulation.


Any kind of piping, copper, PVC, PE, Galvanised. All supplied in 3mtr or 6mtr lengths or coils depending on the size of your project and convenience factor.


Our comprehensive range including circulation and booster pumps

Roofing Products

Rafters, Slate, Tile etc
Various roofing materials

Renewable Energy

On or Off Grid Technologies
Solar, Ground Source, Air-Water systems.


From the more modern type through to industrial and the more traditional radiators.


From taps, toilet bowls, Cisterns and other fittings

Trench Heating

Trench heating has been designed considering their primary usage in spacious interiors of domestic and commercial buildings that may have many glassing façade.


Tiles from across the world
We have access a number of tile manufacturers across the world from Spain through to Turkey.