It is our mission to get the best products for your project or business.

We source both locally and globally to get you the best deal without compromise to quality.

We are a team focused and dedicated to our customers success, striving to go the extra mile for you. BuildEir Ltd specialises in large volume delivery of high performance, custom and standard industrial products. Our main goal is delivering on price and quality. We understand the constant pressure to reduce costs, streamline supply chains or determine new avenues of business to compete in.  That's why we will not compromise on quality.

Experience, Technology and Value

End to End Services

We track your consigment and update you frequently

Learn From Experience

We believe experience is crutial, that is why our team has a combined experience of 20years.

Close Collaboration

Communication is key is our philosophy.  We maintain an honest approach with our manufacturers, suppliers and clients.

Market Analysis

We constantly review ever changing market demands.

Targeted Training

We dont just supply products we learn about them so we can better understand their purpose

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